Top steps to follow while creating your company

This point is the beginning of the adventure of every new entrepreneur, it will be the moment when you decide to take the initiative and meet the needs of the market. Therefore it is important to know some concepts about the creation of companies. Click here for company setup service hong kong.

company setup service hong kongChoice of legal form

The first thing you should do is decide which legal figure you are going to create, each of them has its characteristics and requirements to be able to set it up. The choice will depend on many factors such as the number of partners, the level of expected or achieved turnover, professional activity, etc.

You can also, depending on what activity, you can start as a self-employed worker without workers under your care and then grow little by little to form a partnership with workers in charge. Visit this site for company secretary hk.

Taxes on property transfers and legal acts documented

For this step you must complete the 600 model even if you do not have to pay this tax (The constitution of companies is exempt from this tax), but it will be a document that will have to be signed, sealed before a notary and presented as documentation in the Inscription in the Commercial Registry.

Edition and signature of the company’s deeds

For the constitution of the company, the deeds must be drawn up and signed before a notary. It will be the document that will serve as the basis for decision making in administrative and management issues, so it will be important to write it down and understand what each of the points to sign means.