This afternoon I gleefully shuttled my boys to their weekly gymnastics class. Usually my wife, Kate, handles this commitment, but today she was out of town. Both of my five year old twin boys are very active learners. They love to be in motion. Jumping, climbing, balancing — so, naturally, gymnastics is a perfect fit for […]


There are a variety of ways to tell a story. Spoken. Written. Visually captured. And a variety of mediums that assist in telling stories. Podcasts. Blogging. Videos. I am always, it seems, searching for ways to sharpen my storytelling skills. For instance, I am drawn to this blog as place to reflect and share. I have a […]


I spent some time crying this week.  The kind of tears that when they arrive it is hopeless trying to stop them.  They shake you.  Snap life into the present.  Make you hug the ones you love. My tears were sparked by Nicole Hockley’s article that started with, “To the Mom I used to be:”  Nicole […]