This afternoon I gleefully shuttled my boys to their weekly gymnastics class. Usually my wife, Kate, handles this commitment, but today she was out of town. Both of my five year old twin boys are very active learners. They love to be in motion. Jumping, climbing, balancing — so, naturally, gymnastics is a perfect fit for […]

AJEd 019 : Adam Bellow: White House Presidential Innovation Fellow

In this episode of the Adam Jones Education Podcast, I chat with Adam Bellow. Founder of EduTecher, EduClipper and currently serving as a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow. We talk about his career, his kids, trends in EdTech and the value of communication when navigating all things technology! Some questions from the episode: Why does […]

AJEd 018 : Coco Loehr: Proctor Academy Mountain Classroom Program

In this episode of the Adam Jones Education Podcast, I chat with fellow Proctor Academy educator, Coco Loehr about her experiential education philosophy, place-based education and instructional leadership on Mountain Classroom. This was recorded in June and November 2015. Mountain Classroom Blog Some questions from the episode: Part One: What is Mountain Classroom? What was […]

Hacking Assessment: Perspective-taking and Feedback

In August, I wrote this short piece for Starr Sackstein’s recently published book, Hacking Assessment. Thanks for asking Starr — it was a lot of fun to reflect and put these words down! *** Teaching is an art form. It is a delightful dance of perspective-taking and feedback. Paradoxically, the most impactful teaching is often […]

AJEd 017 : Miami Device Day Two: Coconut Grove, FL November 2015

This episode of the Adam Jones Education Podcast captures DAY TWO of the Miami Device Learning Event at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Day School in Coconut Grove, FL. This was originally recorded live on Spreaker during two different times of the day. People and topics touched on during this episode: Silvia Larrauri George Couros Erin Klein […]


There are a variety of ways to tell a story. Spoken. Written. Visually captured. And a variety of mediums that assist in telling stories. Podcasts. Blogging. Videos. I am always, it seems, searching for ways to sharpen my storytelling skills. For instance, I am drawn to this blog as place to reflect and share. I have a […]

AJEd 015 : Alan McIntyre: Problem-based Learning at Proctor Academy

  In this episode of the Adam Jones Education Podcast, I chat with Proctor Academy Science Teacher, Alan McIntyre. He explains what problem-based learning looks like in his classroom and why it is essential to his teaching philosophy. We also talk about his AP curriculum and how he coaches his students to become independent learners. […]

AJEd 013 : iPadpalooza Day Two: Austin, TX June 2015

In this episode of the Adam Jones Education Podcast, I record the story of iPadpalooza: DAY TWO at Westlake High School in Austin, TX. This episode (13) – and the two other parts in the series (episodes 12 and 14) – represent a departure from my normal interviewing style. What follows is a collection of recordings […]