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Archive is under construction at the moment (October 2016)

AJEd 001: Kate Jones – Google Forms: Reflection, Planning and Reporting

AJEd 002 : Starr Stackstein and the value of Standards Based Grading

AJEd 003 : Craig Badura – EdTech Integration Coach

AJEd 004 : Hans Mundahl and the paradigm shift needed for more relevant schools

AJEd 005 : Felix Jacomino – Founder of Miami Device Learning Event

AJEd 006 : Sue Houston: Proctor Academy and relationship-based pedagogy

AJEd 007 : James Sturtevant: Author of “You’ve Gotta Connect”

AJEd 008 : Susan Bearden: founder of Tweechme app; co-moderator of #edtechchat and #digcit

AJEd 009 : Xiao Mei: Shangri-la, China Headmistress and progressive educator

AJEd 010 : Miami Device Learning Event Promotion: November 2015

AJEd 011 : Lisa Johnson: Comprehensive Communicator, Trusted Curator and EdTech Pollinator

AJEd 012 : iPadpalooza Day One: Austin, TX June 2015

AJEd 013 : iPadpalooza Day Two: Austin, TX June 2015

AJEd 014 : iPadpalooza Day Three: Austin, TX June 2015

AJEd 015 : Alan McIntyre: Problem-based Learning at Proctor Academy

AJEd 016 : Miami Device Day One: Coconut Grove, FL November 2015

AJEd 017 : Miami Device Day Two: Coconut Grove, FL November 2015

AJEd 018 : Coco Loehr: Proctor Academy Mountain Classroom Program

AJEd 019 : Adam Bellow: White House Presidential Innovation Fellow

AJEd 020 : Starr Sackstein: Hacking Assessment: Anatomy of a No-Grades Classroom

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