AJEd 018 : Coco Loehr: Proctor Academy Mountain Classroom Program

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In this episode of the Adam Jones Education Podcast, I chat with fellow Proctor Academy educator, Coco Loehr about her experiential education philosophy, place-based education and instructional leadership on Mountain Classroom. This was recorded in June and November 2015.

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Some questions from the episode:

Part One:
What is Mountain Classroom?
What was Proctor like for you as a student?
What was it about Mountain Classroom that you loved as a student?
What is it about Mountain that is so special for our students?
Why is studying border issues better on Mountain than out of a book/in a classroom?
Are we overloading the kids with too much experiential education by giving them this impactful experience AND asking them to live in a bus and not shower for 15 days?
In first year as an instructor, what did you kids learn?
How did you navigate the conflicts of buy-in with your students and the curriculum?
How were classes structured? What does the experiential model on the road look like in action?
Team teaching? How often are you sitting in class?
Are they doing a lot of HW in their free time? How do they manage? Management?
How did your students shift from a traditional classroom environment and succeed in a very “open design” model?
What structures were you putting in place to assist the learner in a new and dynamic environment?
What are the downsides to experiential education?
Should we have a larger (more terms, more students) Mountain Classroom Program?
How are you using the Summer to improve the program for next year?
Do you want to stay in education when you are done with Mountain?

Part Two:
Since last conversation, what you learned over the Summer/Fall that you intend to bring to Mountain?
How was the process of meeting your co-Instructor and starting the planning process?
What are the themes for the Winter and Spring?
How are you going to make the day-to-day simpler (stated goal from Part One)?
What expeditions are you planning for the Winter and Spring?
Are 4-day (3-night) solo adventures still apart of the program? (Spoiler Alert: YES)
What do students report as the main takeaways from Mountain?
How can people interested in following along on the Mountain journey (November 2015 – June 2016) stay connected?

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