AJEd 018 : Coco Loehr: Proctor Academy Mountain Classroom Program

In this episode of the Adam Jones Education Podcast, I chat with fellow Proctor Academy educator, Coco Loehr about her experiential education philosophy, place-based education and instructional leadership on Mountain Classroom. This was recorded in June and November 2015. Mountain Classroom Blog Some questions from the episode: Part One: What is Mountain Classroom? What was […]

Hacking Assessment: Perspective-taking and Feedback

In August, I wrote this short piece for Starr Sackstein’s recently published book, Hacking Assessment. Thanks for asking Starr — it was a lot of fun to reflect and put these words down! *** Teaching is an art form. It is a delightful dance of perspective-taking and feedback. Paradoxically, the most impactful teaching is often […]