Pop Danthology 2014

Daniel Kim’s annual Pop Danthology 2014 was published on YouTube a few days ago.  As of this writing, the video has over 1.4 million views.  In line with his previous Danthologies…this one is surely on it’s way to becoming a viral hit. 2010: 3.7 million views 2011: 7.7 million views 2012: 59 million views 2013: […]


I spent some time crying this week.  The kind of tears that when they arrive it is hopeless trying to stop them.  They shake you.  Snap life into the present.  Make you hug the ones you love. My tears were sparked by Nicole Hockley’s article that started with, “To the Mom I used to be:”  Nicole […]

Progressive Education

Since my last post, My Classroom Through Their Eyes, I have been drinking from the firehose of classroom redesign.  Twitter.  Facebook groups.  Reading blog posts.  Reading books.  Connecting with individual educators across the country about what they do in their classrooms.  Questions and follow up questions.  Drafts and revisions.  Bouncing redesign ideas off some of […]