The Long Game

The Kansas City Royals play the San Francisco Giants tonight in the final game of World Series.  Last night, the Royals jumped on Jake Peavy early and shut out the Giants in Game 6; 10-0.  In thinking about the final game of the season, I am reminded that the baseball season started eight months ago during […]


There were white puffy clouds in the sky.  The grass wasn’t wet – not even damp, really – just the perfect sticky-like texture for a soccer game.  It was the kind of day where you start out wearing a jacket because you are afraid that the wind might pick up, but it never does.  Instead […]


I’m an educator at Proctor Academy.  Also, I am a dorm parent, community program director and coach (Athletics and EdTech). Proctor is a tremendous learning community.  Our profile says that our graduates are “collaborative, ethical individuals, ready to contribute productively to their communities. Our diverse programs and experiential approach to education develop creative, resilient, and knowledgeable […]


Looking forward to laying the foundations for this blog!  More to come in the coming week.